Wild Rani added to Tor Fest in Todmorden

Hello hello, I am delighted to be playing my first Northern gig at the prestigious Golden Lion in Todmorden and fulfilling my youthful deluded dreams of attending festivals by playing them. See you at Tor Fest my friends.

MIRROR II RORRIM playing at VOV Noise Rally

Camping with noise weirdos in the hills of West Virginia. This annual event is the stomping ground of all that’s good and true. Of noise.

Wild Rani supporting Aaron Dilloway/John Wiese

Serious noise gig at Tympanum with support by Quartered (Heath Moerland/Knox Mitchell) August 3rd 2019.

Wild Rani supporting Body/Head at Cafe OTO

Wowsers. I guess dreams do come true. Supporting Body/Head, with Blood Stereo and Bohman Brothers Quintet. July 29th 2019. @Cafe OTO

Colour Out of Space festival

Rebecca will be performing as Wild Rani at Colour Out of Space 2019: International Festival of Experimental Sound and Art, Brighton, UK, 26-28th April, 2019.

Other artists include Bill Nace & Twig Harper (USA) + Chie Mukai (JP) + Alvarius B (USA) + Anne Gillis (FR)

Wild Rani, Rebecca Mahay, is performing at Colour Out of Space. Photo by Richard P J Lambert.
Wild Rani
Photo by Richard P J Lambert.

Centrala: Wolf Eyes solo sets and other experimental acts

The night will feature international and local acts performing ambient, electronic, experimental, and sound-based music.

Nate Young (Wolf Eyes), John Olson (Wolf Eyes), Wild Rani, Orphax, Simon Paton, Yellow6.

Centrala, Birmingham, Sunday 24th March, 2019, 7-11pm.

Centrala: Wolf Eyes, Wild Rani, Nicholas Bullen

Wolf Eyes / Wild Rani / Nicholas Bullen, Centrala, Birmingham, 30th September, 2018.

Read the review at Fighting Boredom.

Wolf Eyes, Wild Rani, Nicholas Bullen
Rebecca performs as Wild Rani with an audio visual performance comprising vocals, field recordings, percussion, and synth.

Centrala: GRIMM GRIMM, Minus Pilots, Wild Rani

GRIMM GRIMM with visuals by Daisy Dickinson / Minus Pilots / Wild Rani, Centrala, Birmingham, 17th June, 2018.

Wild Rani (Rebecca Mahay)

Dictionary Pudding/Chocolate Monk: Aaron Dilloway, MIRROR II RORRIM, Duncan Harrison, World of k7 DJs

MIRROR II RORRIM in Brighton with Aaron Dilloway, Duncan Harrison, and Smack Music 7. Thanks to Dictionary Pudding and Chocolate Monk.

Tympanum: Ariadne, MIRROR II RORRIM, Malingerer

MIRROR II RORRIM at Tympanum with Ariadne and Malingerer
MIRROR II RORRIM at Tympanum with Ariadne and Malingerer

Voice of the Valley 10

MIRROR II RORRIM at VOV10. We didn’t play in the end but isn’t it a great poster?

Voice of the Valley 9


Tympanum: Moth Cock, Neutrals, The Rani

Performing solo for the first time as The Rani
Photo by Heath Moerland

Mechelen: MIRROR II RORRIM, New Root Canal and R. Mich

MIRROR II RORRIM in Mechelen with New Root Canal and R. Mich
MIRROR II RORRIM in Mechelen with New Root Canal and R. Mich

Trixies, Hamtramck: Mountain Movers, MIRROR II RORRIM

MIRROR II RORRIM at Trixies with Mountain Movers
Photo by Kryssi B