Wolf Eyes / Wild Rani / Nicholas Bullen, Centrala, Birmingham, 30th September, 2018.

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Rebecca performs as Wild Rani with an audio visual performance comprising vocals, field recordings, percussion, and synth.

GRIMM GRIMM with visuals by Daisy Dickinson / Minus Pilots / Wild Rani, Centrala, Birmingham, 17th June, 2018.

Wild Rani with visuals by Rebecca Mahay

‘No Nietzsche, No Problem’, Vivid Projects, Birmingham, UK. February 2-4th, 2018.

Video, clay, and sound installation.

Made for Treeline / Salt Road. Thanks to Jaime Jackson. Video shot in Oslo, Norway, and Belle Isle Aquarium, Detroit. Clay modelled at Modern Clay, Birmingham.

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Song and zine submission for Dig Me Out Of The Woods, Vivid Projects,  August 4th, 2017.

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Rebecca Mahay artwork for special exhibition zine.

Poster for the Superseded show at Vivid Projects with full artist line up including Rebecca Mahay.
Poster for the ‘Superseded’ show at Vivid Projects by Black Hole Club artists.
Rebecca Mahay with her video for MIRROR II RORRIM, 'Womensware'.
Rebecca Mahay with her video ‘Womensware’ for the Black Hole Club artists’ show Superseded, Vivid Projects, 30th June-7th July 2017. Photo credit: Antonio Roberts.
Still image from ‘Womensware’. Rebecca Mahay’s contribution to the show, a video featuring contemporary footage of Michigan and Belgium, documentary archive footage of ladies throughout history, and footage from films. This was presented at the show as the full ‘Womensware’ video to work alongside the ‘Womensware’ cassette release / audio by MIRROR II RORRIM (Rebecca Mahay and Heath Moerland).

Transmission, Vivid Projects, 2-3rd June 2017.

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‘Womensware’ cassette release by MIRROR II RORRIM (Rebecca Mahay and Heath Moerland) and video by Rebecca Mahay.

MIRROR II RORRIM image of the duo and still image from video of freight train going through Detroit, Michigan.
MIRROR II RORRIM, Rebecca Mahay and Heath Moerland performing in Brighton, UK. 5th February 2017. Thanks to Chocolate Monk and Dictionary Pudding. Bottom, still image from ‘Housewife Hibernation’.

‘Memory’s Dance’ shown at I Am A Strange Loop, Vivid Projects, 7th August 2015.


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