Bilston Art Project sound commission

Rebecca Mahay’s sound piece commissioned by Bilston Art Project is now online. The piece is called “So that’s the changes I have seen” and features audio recordings from people in and around Bilston talking about the town and it’s history as well as the Bilston Art Project site itself. It also features audio recordings of Bilston market and surrounding areas.

So that’s the changes I have seen is a sound work created by Rebecca Mahay for Bilston Art Project. Photo of the artist by Richard PJ Lambert.

Thanks to Gavin Rogers, Bilston Art Project and all featured artists, The University of Wolverhampton, Nevaeh, Santokh Mahay, Lisa Seeking Serenity Bilston, and British Art Show.

British Art Show “OFFsite 9” sound art

The sound art piece Rebecca Mahay contributed to the OFFsite 9 part of British Art Show responded to the Old Eye Hospital in Wolverhampton. The project included other artists responding to abandoned locations across the city of Wolverhampton as part of “IF WE HAD THIS  S  P  A  C  E” organised by Asylum Art Gallery.

Thanks to Asylum Art Gallery, Creative Black Country, British Art Show.

Open Projections at Coventry Cathedral

Rebecca Mahay’s video ‘Womensware’ with sound by MIRROR II RORRIM has been chosen for projection onto Coventry Cathedral as part of Open-Projections project series. Curated by Daniel Hopkins. Friday April 5th, 8.30-11.30pm.

Open-Projections: Curated by Daniel Hopkins

After Sorrow, Joy

Rebecca Mahay solo exhibition at Asylum Gallery, Wolverhampton, UK, 22-23rd February, 2019. Video art, soundscapes, paintings, and clay objects.

Performance by Wild Rani at 8pm, 22nd February.

Rebecca Mahay presents 'After Sorrow, Joy'

A Movement Through Sorrow

Rebecca Mahay exhibit ‘A Movement Through Sorrow’, part of Sound Heals All Wounds exhibition at Rhizome DC, Washington DC, USA, 15th February-March 16th, 2019. Video, sound art, and clay objects.

No Nietzsche, No Problem

Rebecca Mahay installation ‘No Nietzsche, No Problem’, Vivid Projects, Birmingham, UK. February 2-4th, 2018. Video, clay, and sound installation.

Video shot in Oslo, Norway, and Belle Isle Aquarium, Detroit. Clay modelled at Modern Clay, Birmingham. Made for Treeline / Salt Road. Thanks to Jaime Jackson.

Dig Me Out of the Woods

Sound piece and zine contribution by Rebecca Mahay for Dig Me Out Of The Woods, Vivid Projects,  August 4th, 2017.

Original sound piece ‘What’s Been Going On Through Those Walls?’ by Rebecca Mahay.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 21.19.35

Artwork by Rebecca Mahay featured in event zine.


Black Hole Club artist group show Superseded, Vivid Projects, 30th June-7th July 2017.

Poster for the Superseded show at Vivid Projects with full artist line up including Rebecca Mahay.
Rebecca Mahay with her video for MIRROR II RORRIM, 'Womensware'.

Rebecca Mahay with her video ‘Womensware’.

Featuring contemporary footage of Michigan and Belgium, documentary archive footage of ladies throughout history, and footage from out of copyright feature films.

This was presented at the show as the full ‘Womensware’ video to work alongside the ‘Womensware’ cassette release / audio by MIRROR II RORRIM (Rebecca Mahay/Heath Moerland) released by All Gone, Detroit.


Transmission, artist group show, Vivid Projects, 2-3rd June 2017.

‘Womensware’ cassette release by MIRROR II RORRIM (Rebecca Mahay/Heath Moerland). Video by Rebecca Mahay.

I Am A Strange Loop

Memory’s Dance’ by Rebecca Mahay shown at I Am A Strange Loop, Vivid Projects, 7th August 2015.

Featuring music by MIRROR II RORRIM (Rebecca Mahay/Heath Moerland).

Womensware by MIRROR II RORRIM. Video by Rebecca Mahay.
Video of Trip Metal Fest highlights by Rebecca Mahay.
Memory’s Dance by MIRROR II RORRIM. Video by Rebecca Mahay.
Video poem, ‘Ode to Herzog, Ode to Heidegger’, by Rebecca Mahay.
Housewife Hibernation by MIRROR II RORRIM. Video by Rebecca Mahay.
Documentary ‘Cool Fest 2013: The Dirty Glove picks up The Big Apple’ by Rebecca Mahay.